Friday, January 06, 2006

Mr. Robertson's Neighborhood

One day, a man in Mr. Robertson's neighborhood came into a measure of hardship. Make that a double - maybe triple? - measure. So beset upon was he by trouble that his health and his wealth, and even his family, were soon parted from him.

So, of course, because he was Mr. Robertson, and this was his neighborhood, he went right over to the poor man's home to confront him. "Dear Sir", he began, "the misfortune you have met is really not misfortune at all, but the direct, and intentional judgment of God on your vile, wicked, and rebellious life. I, of course, know these things, since this is my neighborhood. It is obvious that your sin is great, that you are quite content to live in the midst of it, and that you have every intention of multiplying it . . . and so God has now reached down to put a stop to it. I only tell you this because it is true, and also so that others will come to hear about my views, and respect the fact that this is, after all, my neighborhood." Having ended his rant, Mr. Robertson waited - though not patiently - for the man's response.

"Dear Mr. Robertson", the man began, summoning up all the voice he could muster, "you really are a dolt aren't you? For your information, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar have already been here singing that same old tired, stupid song! Another guy - Elihu also stopped in, and then God Almighty Himself had His say. And the fact is, not all personal tragedies can be chalked up to personal wrong doing. How is it that someone like yourself - a preacher - can be so stupid as to go on spreading such nonsense? Sounds like you need a good long vacation, maybe at the beach, with a good book. I could recommend one in particular . . . And by the way, if God always brings tragedy on those who go on doing things that He hates, that embarass Him, how come you're still upright?"


At 9:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do we know so little about heaven when we will spend so much time there? Are we afraid to find out about it?


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