Tuesday, January 03, 2006


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Today I am mindful of just how quickly things change. Yesterday, here in SoCal, winds and rain ravaged our city. Today, bright blue skies have us wondering if it really happened. Yesterday a good friend called to say his wife had been promoted from this life to live eternally with her Savior. Today his world has been changed forever. Things happen quickly, big things like life and death, and little things like wind and rain. What makes this even more intense is that we are largely unable to forestall these changes. I say mostly, because - while we cannont change the weather, or postpone our dying - my friend's family was not overwhelmed with her dying because she had prepared herself, and them, for her departure. For her, and for them, the change came quickly. In an instant she was delivered from her pain and brought triumphantly into the presence of the Lord Jesus. Consequently, for her husband and children, while the days seem dark, they are enjoying the bright sunshine of a hope that will not disappoint. Death came, but life has triumphed, through Jesus Christ our Lord!

Just my thoughts,

David W. Hegg


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