Monday, October 27, 2008

Vote and Voice

Here's another thought I have about the whole topic of political involvement. Is there a difference between vote and voice? Can it be that I am encouraged to vote in line with my conscience, but asked not to give voice to that same conscience in political/religious dialogue? Is the freedom to vote one of those "rights" afforded me as an American, while it is considered improper - as a preacher - to voice the religious and biblical beliefs behind that vote? Do we really think that we can protect the freedom of vote while at the same time curtailing the freedom of voice?

It is very discouraging to me that some professed Christ-followers have decided, for political reasons, to remain silent - in both voice and vote! - concerning the issue of same-sex marriage. I believe they have been compromised by the culture around them. They have imbibed of the philosophy of "live and let live" rather than lining up behind the Son of God whose authority has invaded our broken world with the Gospel that both identifies, and cleanses from sin. That which is best for society is what God says is best for society, and when Christ-followers shave the edges off of this most fundamental principle, the society itself is in big trouble.

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